A Written Response From The Conservation Fund

In March of 2010, the Counter Coalture Coalition contacted the Conservation Fund with a request for additional information regarding the disposition of the Carroll County coal reserves and the decision to transfer those reserves to Rosebud mining. The following response is an official reply from Conservation Fund representative Kathryn Brown, and is printed here with her consent.

The Conservation Fund is a nonprofit organization that works to save land across America.  The Fund responds to requests from government, business and other partners – such as local land trusts, state departments of natural resources and federal land management agencies – to help them buy properties that they identify as having high conservation value for wildlife, recreation, history resources and other uses.  We act as a partner, or facilitator, to help these organizations protect their conservation priorities.  
Over the past 25 years, the Fund has helped protect more than 6 million acres of working forests, ranches and farms, natural areas, community parks and historically significant land nationwide. In Ohio, we’ve worked to help save over 100,000 acres, including, for example, a wildlife management area that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources sought to protect. We build on this conservation work with programs that help regions plan for growth, support economic development and train conservation leaders.

Occasionally, a landowner decides to donate property to the Fund, and sometimes these lands are not identified as a high priority for conservation.  This was the case with the Carrollton Reserve property. This particular property was not formally listed or identified as a high priority for conservation by the state or other public partners, based on its natural resource values. The Fund is not staffed to own and manage land for conservation, so consequently, the Fund chose to raise much-needed conservation capital by deeding the mineral rights to the Carrollton Reserve property to Rosebud Mining. We will use 100% of the proceeds from this transaction to acquire and save lands specifically chosen for their high conservation value by public partners. 

Kathryn Brown
Conservation Fund