Judy Bonds Passes Away

It is with great sorrow that we learned of the passing of Judy Bonds on January 3rd, 2011. Her passionate love for the Appalachian Mountains and the future generations who hope to enjoy them, will be truly missed. May her inspiration live on in the hearts of all who love the earth.

A Written Response From The Conservation Fund

In March of 2010, the Counter Coalture Coalition contacted the Conservation Fund with a request for additional information regarding the disposition of the Carroll County coal reserves and the decision to transfer those reserves to Rosebud mining. The following response is an official reply from Conservation Fund representative Kathryn Brown, an...more

Earth Day

On 4/23/2010, we tabled the Kent, Ohio, Who’s Your Mama? Earth Day celebration, with thanks to Jeff Ingram for inviting us! Though we lost some signs in the wind, we met some great people & presented our program, “Appalachians Recycled When Recycling Wasn’t ‘Cool’”. This included the display of a collectio...more

Coal Mining Tragedy

We would like to extend our condolences to the families and friends of the 29 coal miners lost in the Upper Big Branch mine disaster. Our thoughts & prayers are with you, and your community.

Carroll Citizenís Group Opposes Proposed Rosebud Coal Mine and Coal Washing Facilities

Residents of Union Township and surrounding areas in Carroll County met to voice their opposition to a
proposed Rosebud Mining Company coal mine. Many of nearly 30 people who met recently at the
Friendship Center had been part of the 60+ people who were at the January Ohio Department of Natural
Resources (ODNR) Division of Mineral...more

Rosebud Mining Proposed Scio Wash Plant

On March 29th, a local citizens group met to discuss Rosebud Mining's proposed Scio wash plant & coal mining operations in Carroll County. They were surprised by an unscheduled visit from Michael Jamison, general manager of the Ohio operations of Rosebud Coal Co. Last year, Rosebud announced plans to deep mine coal in a large area of Union T...more

2nd Annual Counter Coalture Garden

It's not too early to begin planning you coalture garden! We will spade off our second annual Counter Coalture gardening action on Sat, June 5th, so check out those seed catalogs, sharpen up those garden tools & join us in spirit, where ever you are, to help restore some natural beauty to our ravaged land. To participate, just plant somethin...more

Conservation Fund transfers Coal Rights to Coal Company

"Twas the night before Christmas" and "What to our wondering eyes should appear…" but shock & a bit of horror at the realization that the Conservation Fund really did transfer over 15,000 acres of undeveloped coal rights in Carroll County, Ohio to Rosebud Mining Company. We’d heard some talk, but the proof is in the permit. The ...more

Rosebuds Mining Company Conference

An informal conference has been scheduled to review citizen concerns regarding Rosebuds Mining Company’s proposed mine in Carroll county, Ohio. Questions about the mining permit will be addressed. Your questions may be submitted either in person or in written form at this informal conference scheduled January 14th, 2010 at 1 pm in the Frie...more

No Coal for Christmas!

CCC is sponsoring a non-electric holiday counteraction, or “No Coal for Christmas!”
Similar to the garden action we sponsored this past summer, we are encouraging interested persons to sign up & post pictures, & ideas about celebrating the holidays using less energy.  Thank you for your interest & participation ...more

Non-Electric Christmas, & Other Holidays, Too

Regardless of whether or not we are celebrating Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or the Winter Solstice, the question remains, how can we balance our love of the holidays and celebration with responsible stewardship of the earth’s resources? In the spirit of our organization’s motto, “Conserve, Create, Communicate”, we have c...more

Taking coal back to the garden
The Counter Coalture Garden Counteraction is making some waves. Check out the article on Grist.com: http://www.grist.org/article/counter-coalture, written by Jeff Biggers, author of The United States of Appalachia.


Find Jeff ...more